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07 Feb 2015  

Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

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I previously made this list for Win7, and now with Win8/10 on board in an effort to list all WinMail bugs in one place for easier reference, I still maintain this list here and continuously update it as new information is worked out. I've also included the latest WinMail Backup/Restore instructions below.
Updated February, 2020

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WinMail Bug List
(issues that may not be able ever to be fixed)

The well known bugs using WinMail inside of Windows 7/8/10/Server are:

Win7/8/10/Server. x86/x64
~ The Spam Filter function in WinMail does not work right.
~ Clicking the ''Working Off Line'' button will crash WinMail.
~ Spell Check works fine in most cases when using it regular, however on Win7 when ''Highlight'' spell-checking - if you ''Highlight'' any portion of an emails text and click Spelling to proceed - when it gets to the first misspelled word and you click to replace with the suggestion - WinMail will crash and you'll lose any 'unsaved' text written! You can read more detail of that Here and read also about how this Does Affect SpellCheck on Win8/10 too.
~ WinMail Newsgroup issue: When 'Replying' to a newsgroup post and after you type your message you click Send within the message, however like what I do where in Options I do not have it set to 'Send Messages Immediately' and so it will sit there in the Outbox until I click the main Send/Receive button and that's fine and how I prefer it - but it's here as it sits in the Outbox if I decide I want to edit something in the post before I press the 'Main' Send/Receive button, and I edit a few words in it and click Send within the message which puts it back in the Outbox - it is here that the bug shows up where it will put the newly edited message in the Outbox however the old one stays there too! ..and importantly if you do not delete the older one Before you press the main Send/Receive button, it will send Both!
Again, re-stated, if when Replying to a Newsgroup message, if you edit in the Outbox, it will duplicate itself anew and you must delete the older ones before sending or it will send both! If you edit it twice, three, or more times, then each time you edit it will create yet another newer post - and so you must delete All the older ones first or it will send them all.

Win8/Win10/Server. x86/x64
Advanced Tab issues...5/2018 Fixed!-Screenshot . . . . (Win7 x86/x64* worked fine already)
~ Going to the top tab of: Tools> Options> Advanced> This Advanced tab section is showing blank/empty with no entries listed = its settings are defaulted though.
~ Also the Maintenance tab on the bottom there - settings in this area are also affected
See this Screenshot showing these problematic settings (not often used anyway)

*On Win7x64 setups the Advanced Tabs are fine and work well on my setup, but there were some Win7x64 users years ago that said their Advanced tab was blank - if one of them is you please PM me so we can verify this and determine the variance to get you fixed! Although first make sure 'All' your WM programs folder file versions are the same as mine as shown in my screenshot above. If you want a copy of the files I use, you can download just the '' from the bottom of This Post ..don't be concerned with the other procedures or downloads there are Not for Win7. To be able to replace your files though you will have to first, right click and Take Ownership of your 'Windows Mail' programs folder, to be able to delete and replace it with the new.
~ Also, Compacting Database, see setting ''Compact every 100 runs'' which on Win7 x86/64 you can change 100 to any number you want and it will work on Win7, however on Win8/10 x86/64 any changes 'won't take' after you click apply and reverts back to 100...5/2018 Fixed! ...FWIW though, you also can use this little self-run program (WMUtil) below made by MS MVP Steve Cochran to Compact them for you manually. This program 'sometimes' may also help in repairing 'Message Store' database corruption (but actually it's even better to already have a Backup made to restore manually: see 'Create Backups' section below how to do it)
Anyway here's Steve's website: Windows Mail Utilities*
*Note: 3-2018: Steve Cochran recently passed over. Sending sincere regards to his family, r.i.p.
His website is off-line now, and so if it's okay with SevenForums management, I will 'Attach' the original zip of his program at the very bottom of this webpage, and within it I'll include a full-page screenshot I had previously made of his webpage where he explains his program.
Note: His program requires the older NET v3.5 enabled on whichever OS you're using it on.

~ If your right click on a file and ''SendTo: Mail Recipient'' is not working, and your 'Make Default' button is grayed out in WinMail options, you can check if WinMail is set as the default email client via the Control Panel as shown in some of the settings in this Win7 Screenshot or Win10 Screenshot. On Win7 this gets taken care of automatically with running the Tutorial, but on Win8/10 you may have to do it manually.
You can always re-run the very Latest Tutorial operation again to reset it, if applicable.
WinMail on Windows 7
WinMail on Windows 8/10

~ If you have any other email clients installed along side with WinMail that are causing conflict, then it might be necessary to uninstall those other clients to resolve these conflicts.

To get around some of these other anomalies that have no resolution or fix, just don't use that function. However if you absolutely need any of those functions that have no resolution for ..then consider it's time to move on to a supported email client.

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WinMail Backup/Restore Procedures
Do yourself a big favor right now - First, Create Backups !
Now I know on the bottom of the Page 1 WinMail Tutorial there is a link to 'How to Backup and Restore Messages in Windows Mail' from the 2007 Vista version, that's fine for what it is and is an alternate way of doing it although not nearly as good or complete as what I will explain next: Specifically for 'WinMail to WinMail' setups, I Much Prefer to do it this next way for a number of beneficial reasons. This next method is used when you already have WinMail fully setup with all options and settings the way you want, and it contains years of Accounts and their settings, all Emails, all Newsgroups, and all their Folder structures, all your GUI settings, etc. So before you upgrade or do anything - be sure to create this WinMail full 1, 2, 3 backup for safety, so that you can always easily recover from any message-store corruptions or whatever happens; or you can also Transfer it to another computer your entire WinMail setup to different OS's right back to Exactly how it was on the source the day you created it, without the need for 'importing' which never gets things like folder structures right anyway. This is a direct backup, and assumes you're using the default message store location folder.

There is nothing more comprehensive and accurate than this manual Backup/Restore procedure:

Create Backups:
1. On your latest, fully working ..already setup WinMail client, right click and create a zip backup on this Message Store folder:
C:\Users\yourcomputername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
..also referred to as: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
It contains All Mail/News emails with All their Folder Structure layouts, All Accounts info*, and more..
The important reason to .zip (or .rar) that MSF (Message Store folder) to preserve it, Always having it readily available, as is, able to unlimited times unzip, its pristineness; never allowing any function ever able to modify its valuable contents!
2. Regedit: right-click Export this entire Folder Key below: (on your latest WinMail already fully setup)
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Mail
It contains All Settings for the WinMail GUI Layout ..all Tools> Options Settings, Columns, Rules, etc.
3. Open WinMail, go to Tools> Accounts> and highlight Each Account and click the Properties button, click the Servers tab, and write down or better yet copy/paste into a text file the username & password - Do This For Each Account! ..while Everything Else throughout there already gets saved automatically in 1st process above doing the Message Store folder save.
Tip: If you forgot passwords and want to reveal the xxxx asterisks, use This Program to reveal them.
Now save all Three of these backups above aside - to somewhere other than your current hard drive..

To Restore:
When you do a fresh install of a new Windows OS, or an OS Upgrade, or OS Update, and then to setup WinMail again afterwards you First run through the appropriate steps on its corresponding OS WinMail tutorial, in order to reverse the WinMail regression done. Then before opening WinMail - restore those 3 items you've previously created above, like this:
1. Delete the message store folder that's currently there, then extract the zip of your Latest saved message store folder in its place - and Be Careful when you replace the Current Windows Mail message store folder: ..first you Delete it, then extract your zip backup one in its place - understand it needs to be at the Exact Path! You can select to Extract Here, but no matter what just Be Sure you Do Not end up with Two nested: 'Windows Mail\Windows Mail' message store folders one inside the other or it'll break default path and corrupt - the end path must be:
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail
Do Not extract/copy/paste over itself (on top of) the current folder and its contents which causes mixing and sure corruption, so understand you need to Delete the old folder first, then, place the working backup one in its place! That's So Important!
2. Merge the latest saved registry export of your personal HKCU reg saved above. (right click - merge)
3. To complete* the last item of the Accounts restore, security, you only need to re-enter the name/ password of your mail and news servers, in the Accounts> Properties> Server tab, in the slots for it, and is the preferred way (or instead when you first connect to your mail server it'll prompt you to enter it, and checkmark remember box) You should know what your servers name/pass are anyway having them saved in txt file somewhere. *(Everything else within the Accounts settings, gets restored with step 1)

This 3 step Backup/Restore process is many times faster and much More Accurate than any other method, matching its complete source layout so that when you open WinMail, Everything, is already setup Exactly like its source in every detail, fully setup with All Emails, Accounts, Settings, complete WinMail client GUI layout, including exact mail folder structures layout, etc.
Obviously 'Always' keep your backups dated very current!

Note: Even though these Backup/Restore procedures only, are good for Vista\Win7\8\10\Server, it's More OS Pertinent for newer Windows 8/10/Server users to read/use the Backup/Restore Process found on their own tutorial, within the Backup/Restore Procedures 'Spoiler' button: Here

Caution: Naturally this procedure won't transfer properly for those who have message store corruption on their 'source' setups! ..It also may not work correctly for those who have moved their message store folder from its default location to another! ..So don't use it! A modified backup/restore procedure would have to be done (which has not yet been specified) or, on your new setup when you reinstate WinMail not using the Backup/Restore procedure, instead do the rest of the tutorial which starts a fresh WinMail and sets it up from scratch. Then if needed because of a non-WinMail mail client source, you can use the built-in import features, it's not as good, but certainly better than nothing.

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This posting slot just serves as a place holder for this current information and is not necessary related to the old posts that are around it anymore, especially since I update this list regularly as new information reveals itself. It's also a bug list & backup/restore info for Win7/8/10/Server and even though this post is in the SevenForums, it's just where I posted it at the time when it was only Win7, so I guess this is as good as place as any since the WinMail on Windows 7 project first hit the scene in this very thread so it's only fitting.

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Do Not use the Seven Forums Windows 7 WinMail Tutorial to reinstate WinMail on Win8/10/Server it won't work, or of course vice-versa. Use each tutorials own install procedure for the OS that it's posted for!
Only the Backup/Restore Procedure is (basically) the same for all OS's

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Windows 7: please post your WinMail issues in the Seven Forums, go to Last Page of This thread Here

Windows 8/10/Server: post WM issues in the Eight Forums, go to Last Page of This thread Here


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