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Windows 7: Definitive answer to Windows 7 updates after clean install?

16 Feb 2018   #1
Paul Black

7 HP SP1 64-bit Vista HB SP2 32-bit Linux Mint 18.3
Definitive answer to Windows 7 updates after clean install?

Good morning,

I am trying (and I have been for many many weeks now) to get a definitive answer to this question because when you Google this scenario there are so many different answers and variations available that it makes it confusing and impossible to know exactly what is correct and what isn't.

I am attempting to clarify this not only for myself but for anyone else coming across this thread (or through Google etc) that is in the same situation that I find myself in.

I am going to do a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 on my Fujitsu.

There are two questions please:

(1) Are these ALL of the updates that I need to do after the clean install, and if so, are they in the CORRECT order please?

(2) Can I slipstream ALL of the updates below in the order thay appear and create a new ISO for a clean install please?

Here are the updates:

(01) (57,095 KB) - CAB File.
Does this also need any prerequisite files (I am only using English)?
i.e. KB2729094, KB2670838, KB2834140, KB2786081, KB2731771, KB2533623, KB2639308, KB2882822 and KB2888049.

There is also an .EXE file IE11-Windows6.1-x64-en-us (54,605 KB) which I assume could only be used AFTER a clean install but cannot be slipstreamed as it is an .EXE.

(02) windows6.1-kb3020369-x64_5393066469758e619f21731fc31ff2d109595445.msu (9.35 MB) - Microsoft Update Standalone Package.
April 2015 Servicing Stack update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

(03) windows6.1-KB3125574-v4-x64.msu (488,327 KB) - Microsoft Update Standalone Package.
Microsoft don’t call it SP2 (Service Pack 2), but that’s really what it is. IS THIS REALLY NEEDED?
Please see the note at the bottom of this post.

(04) windows6.1-kb3172605-x64_2bb9bc55f347eee34b1454b50c436eb6fd9301fc.msu (29.96 MB) - Microsoft Update Standalone Package.

Security Only Quality Update For Windows 7 for x64-Based Systems (ALL Microsoft Update Standalone Packages):

(05) windows6.1-kb3192391-x64_8acd94d8d268a6507c2852b0d9917f4ae1349b6c.msu (81.05 MB)
2016 October.

(06) windows6.1-kb3197867-x64_6f8f45a5706eeee8ac05aa16fa91c984a9edb929.msu (90.13MB)
2016 November.

(07) windows6.1-kb3205394-x64_71d0c657d24bc852f074996c32987fb936c07774.msu (64.50 MB)
2016 December.

(08) windows6.1-kb3212642-x64_f3633176091129fc428d899c93545bdc7821e689.msu (6.34 MB)
2017 January.

<<< NO UPDATES 2017 February >>>

(09) windows6.1-kb4012212-x64_2decefaa02e2058dcd965702509a992d8c4e92b3.msu (33.98 MB)
2017 March.

(10) windows6.1-kb4015546-x64_4ff5653990d74c465d48adfba21aca6453be99aa.msu (38.43 MB)
2017 April.

(11) windows6.1-kb4019263-x64_d64d8b6f91434754fdd2a552d8732c95a6e64f30.msu (31.29 MB)
2017 May.

(12) windows6.1-kb4022722-x64_ee5b5fae02d1c48dbd94beaff4d3ee4fe3cd2ac2.msu (48.13 MB)
2017 June.

(13) windows6.1-kb4025337-x64_c013b7fcf3486a0f71c4f58fc361bfdb715c4e94.msu (27.01 MB)
2017 July.

(14) windows6.1-kb4034679-x64_ccabab6aefd6c16454fac39163ae5abc2f4f1303.msu (30.98 MB)
2017 August.

(15) windows6.1-kb4038779-x64_101eabd1c808a526c500d2589dc7077417693d79.msu (42.76 MB)
2017 September.

(16) windows6.1-kb4041678-x64_f55123caaf35a98d2056dc81a5d4a185f148601a.msu (32.28 MB)
2017 October.

(17) windows6.1-kb4048960-x64_e86abddbeecff64956c21d98e329372edb54a413.msu (23.91 MB)
2017 November.

(18) windows6.1-kb4054521-x64_8db86e8518b1254d044f9633a205ec1077a29cd9.msu (1.42 MB)
2017 December.

(19) windows6.1-kb4056897-x64_2af35062f69ce80c4cd6eef030eda31ca5c109ed.msu (68.56 MB)
2018 January.

(20) windows6.1-kb4074587-x64_cdc1b385546eca73c15e870e3b5f9e55e2d0ba3a.msu (29.71 MB)
2018 February.

Note: I have found that the windows6.1-KB3125574-v4-x64.msu in number (03) above includes the following updates:

KB2574819 KB2603229 KB2607047 KB2607576 KB2633952 KB2639308
KB2640148 KB2647753 KB2660075 KB2661254 KB2677070 KB2679255
KB2699779 KB2709630 KB2709981 KB2719857 KB2726535 KB2731771
KB2732059 KB2732487 KB2732500 KB2735855 KB2739159 KB2741355
KB2749655 KB2756822 KB2760730 KB2762895 KB2763523 KB2773072
KB2779562 KB2786081 KB2786400 KB2791765 KB2794119 KB2798162
KB2799926 KB2800095 KB2808679 KB2813956 KB2829104 KB2830477
KB2834140 KB2835174 KB2836502 KB2843630 KB2846960 KB2847077
KB2852386 KB2853952 KB2863058 KB2868116 KB2882822 KB2888049
KB2890882 KB2891804 KB2893519 KB2904266 KB2905454 KB2908783
KB2913152 KB2913431 KB2913751 KB2918077 KB2919469 KB2922717
KB2923398 KB2923545 KB2928562 KB2929733 KB2929755 KB2966583
KB2970228 KB2973337 KB2977728 KB2978092 KB2980245 KB2981580
KB2985461 KB2994023 KB2998527 KB2999226 KB3000988 KB3001554
KB3004394 KB3005788 KB3006121 KB3006137 KB3006625 KB3008627
KB3009736 KB3013410 KB3013531 KB3014406 KB3020338 KB3020370
KB3040272 KB3045645 KB3048761 KB3049874 KB3054476 KB3065979
KB3068708 KB3075249 KB3077715 KB3078667 KB3080079 KB3080149
KB3081954 KB3092627 KB3095649 KB3102429 KB3107998 KB3112148
KB3118401 KB3121255 KB3133977 KB3137061 KB3138378 KB3138901
KB3147071 KB3148851

Are there any in the above updates that would cause/force Windows 10 to be downloaded?

Thanks very very much in advance.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
16 Feb 2018   #2

W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring

Hi Paul,

Dell Linux Recovery Image

This Tool can be ran on a non-Dell system provided that a Dell Service Tag is input. There seems to be no limitations on how many times a Service Tag is input:
  • 5KR9DC2 - Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
  • 7GXLCS1 - Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit
This is a multi-lingual .iso so can be used for all languages and with some minor workarounds can be used for all OEM and Retail Licenses.

To Convert it to Home Premium you will need this tool

winisoutils - Windows ISO Disc Image Utilities

The Windows 7 Pro Edition has been updated until January 2016 and unlike Microsoft's 2010 .iso contains IE11, USB 3 drivers and Storage Controller drivers for up to 6th generation Intel Skylake Systems but only for the Pro Edition making it far superior to Microsoft's 2010 Installation Media.

With the Updated Image of the Dell Windows 7 Professional .wim 192 Updates are preinstalled taking this Windows Installation Media up to date until January 2016:
Then install
and the 2 latest roll-ups

further reading
Download Dell Windows 7 Pro OEM Skylake Reinstallation.iso – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

As for W10 im NOT sure if the 192 updates includes them or not, If it does it will not automatically update to it. If you install Offline it cant do it anyway - reset updates to let me choose BEFORE you go back on-line

if you let the system update normally NO W10 nag updates will be installed

My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Feb 2018   #3
Paul Black

7 HP SP1 64-bit Vista HB SP2 32-bit Linux Mint 18.3

Thanks for the reply Roy, it is appreciated.
I will have a look at that tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!
My System SpecsSystem Spec

17 Feb 2018   #4


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by torchwood View Post
Then install
and the 2 latest roll-ups
wait u mean install the (old) service stack then straight up install the latest rollups?

so not install the convenience rollup? this one is almost 400mb how can 200mb rollups also include a 400 update?

also why install the *two* latest rollups? ain't the rollups cumulative? so shouldn't only the latest be enough?
now I even more confused
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Feb 2018   #5
Paul Black

7 HP SP1 64-bit Vista HB SP2 32-bit Linux Mint 18.3

Good evening,

I decided to test out the DISM tool.
I read many many articles on the Internet with regard to this and also watched some videos on YouTube.
I set everything up on my 32 bit test machine and downloaded the 32 bit versions of the updates (there are a string of numbers after the x86 and before the .msu which I have left out of the below for easier reading BUT I HAVE INCLUDED THEM IN THE STRING IN THE DISM COMMANDS):

windows6.1-kb3020369-x86.msu April 2015 Servicing Stack update.
windows6.1-KB3125574-v4-x86.msu Convenience Rollup Update Package
windows6.1-kb3172605-x86.msu [THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT I BELIEVE?]
windows6.1-kb3192391-x86.msu 2016 October.
windows6.1-kb3197867-x86.msu 2016 November.
windows6.1-kb3205394-x86.msu 2016 December.

I wrote out a plan (cheat sheet really) of what needed to be done in what order and when.
I then setup:

A folder: C:\Win7ISO (and extracted the ISO files to it).
A folder: C:\Win7ISOUpdates (and put the 6 downloaded updates above from Windows Catalog into it).
A folder: C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine (this was created by the mkdir C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine command).

I ran:

Dism /Get-WIMInfo /WimFile:C:\Win7ISO\sources\install.wim - OK.

mkdir C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine - OK.

Dism /Mount-WIM /WimFile:C:\Win7ISO\sources\install.wim /Name:"Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM" /MountDir:C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine - OK.

Dism /Image:C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\Win7ISOUpdates\windows6.1-kb3020369-x86_82e168117c23f7c479a97ee96c82af788d07452e.msu - OK.

Dism /Image:C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\Win7ISOUpdates\windows6.1-kb3125574-v4-x86_ba1ff5537312561795cc04db0b02fbb0a74b2cbd.msu - NOT OK.

Everything went well until I tried to integrate the Convenience Rollup Update Package KB3125574 ABOVE:
It said that the Component store had been corrupted. It gave me an error: 0x80073712
This evidently means that the file required to Windows Update Centre is damaged or missing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated please!
My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Feb 2018   #6

W7 home premium 32bit/W7HP 64bit/w10 tp insider ring

Hi Paul,,

there were problems with that KB it installed a second USBhub winsxs entry, it was resolved by kb3181988
there are other associated errors

can you post the CBS log

My System SpecsSystem Spec
19 Feb 2018   #7
Paul Black

7 HP SP1 64-bit Vista HB SP2 32-bit Linux Mint 18.3

Thanks for the reply Roy,

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by torchwood View Post
There were problems with that KB it installed a second USBhub winsxs entry, it was resolved by kb3181988, there are other associated errors.

Can you post the CBS log?
Firstly (after I had done some research on Google I found out the following), because I knew that I was going to have to restart from scratch, and you can't just delete the folder where the mounted image is because it gives the error Destination Folder Access Denied: You need permission to perform this action, and even the SHIFT+DELETE key combination didn't work, I ran:

DISM /Cleanup-Wim
DISM /Get-MountedWimInfo

Then I deleted the C:\Win7ISO\OFFLine folder successfully ready to start a fresh.

I have looked in the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS and it is empty!

Are you saying that I need to install KB3181988 prior to the Convenience Rollup Update Package KB3125574 or is it more complicated than that? I suppose I do need to integrate this though don't I?

Thanks in advance Roy.


As my thread title indicates, I am trying to get a definitive answer to this.
I have a Windows 7 SP1 ISO that I want to customise to include ALL the updates after SP1 to the current Security Only Quality Update.
I then want to create a new Windows 7 ISO to clean install.
This will reduce the many many hours of waiting for Windows Updates to download and install and the many many restarts needed, not to mention the number of times that Windows Update has to be run in order to get everything up to date.
I know that there will obviously be some updates to download and install.
Is the list of updates that I included in my initial post complete and correct and is this the right way to go about achieving this or am I totally wrong and well of base?
Do I need all of the updates or just some of them or more of them?
I was recommended to use DISM by a couple of members on this forum which is why I did a lot of research on the Internet by reading many articles and also watching YouTube videos.
I thought I had quite a good crasp until it all went wrong.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Feb 2018   #8
Paul Black

7 HP SP1 64-bit Vista HB SP2 32-bit Linux Mint 18.3

Good morning,

I have been doing some more research on this.

On one website it appears that the following updates should be installed:

• KB3020369 (April 2015 Servicing Stack Update).
• KB3125574 (April 2016 Convenience Update Rollup).

Then to install most of the other updates/patches between April 2016 and October 2016 include the following updates:

• KB2841134 (Internet Explorer 11, Optional).
• KB3172605 (July 2016 Functional Update Rollup) <--- THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT.
• KB3179573 (August 2016 Functional Update Rollup) <--- NOT included in my post #1 list.
• KB3177467 (September 2016 Servicing Stack Update) <--- NOT included in my post #1 list.
• KB3185330 (October 2016 Monthly Quality Rollup, contains September 2016 Functional Update Rollup) <--- NOT included in my post #1 list.

Then it suggests that the last update above can be REPLACED with the LATEST Security Only Quality Monthly Rollup. So this would mean replacing KB3185330 with KB4074587 (Security Only Quality Update – 2018 February).

Somewhere else I found that Microsoft have released a hotfix (KB3181988 - SFC integrity scan reports and fixes an error in the usbhub.sys.mui file in Windows 7 SP1) which fixes the SFC errors when you integrate the Convenience Update Rollup Update (KB3172605). Similar to your post #6 Roy.

I read that ONLY the KB3020369 and KB3125574 updates can be integrated using DISM and then you need to unmount and continue integrating the updates in a VM.

Would it be best to extract the .cab files from within the .msu files and use them instead. The thing is that there is usually more than one .cab file within the .msu files, so would I just use the biggest one?

One final point, I am testing this on my test machine which is a Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 Ultimate but I have the necessary WAIK, DISM etc installed.

There are so many different variations, opinions and fixes out there that I am beginning to think that I will never get a definitive answer to this.

Thanks in advance.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Feb 2018   #9
Bat 1

8.1 home x64

The people who I know that are the most knowledgeable about integrating like Murphy, Abbodi, Slave, Enthousiast and too many others to mention, can best be found by going to forums.mydigitallife. When I did multiple installs Weekly, I'd keep an up-to-date ISO, but as I'm not doing that anymore, I found since the wheel has already been invented, I don't need to try and invent it again.

The Simplix Pack for Windows 7 is updated every Month and excludes superseded or Telemetry related updates. It's also tested by the above mentioned MDL members as well as Mr.X who does the translations, and also Daz and other Mods on MDL. You can check which updates are included here: Google Translate Or if You'd prefer to keep track of the updates yourself, read the Repository thread on MDL by Abbodi.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
20 Feb 2018   #10


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Paul Black View Post
I read that ONLY the KB3020369 and KB3125574 updates can be integrated using DISM and then you need to unmount and continue integrating the updates in a VM.
??? I integrated many other things as well (offline I mean using dism)

I tested using a clean win 7 x64 SP1 iso

did the dism updating using a .bat file, from a win 7 x64 PE recovery environment (a small 160mb iso which I put on a bootable usb drive)
started with integrating service stack update, then a bunch of other small updates, then the convenience rollup, followed by the other smaller rollups in the few following months, then again a bunch of other small updates (including the "corrupt usb system file fix") , then the latest monthly cumulative rollup, and finally the newest service stack update kb3177467 (which must be integrated last cause for some reason NO ONE knows, it's impossible to integrate any other update offline using dism, after you've integrated kb3177467)

I made a new iso using the new install.wim just created, then made a virtual machine in virtualbox using that iso which installed just fine, and most importantly I ran sfc /verifyonly & it said no integrity violations were found (which means everything's ok & the installation went well right?)
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Definitive answer to Windows 7 updates after clean install?

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